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Grenada Resort Spas: Coyaba Beach Resort Spa Packages
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Body Treatments

Choose from one of the following body treatment day-spa packages during your stay. Our packages are created to deliver the utmost in relaxation utilizing unique massage strokes and botanical remedies.

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bulletManicure and Pedicure
bullet50-minute Massage Therapy
bullet50-minute Facial
bulletBody Polish
bulletHalf Day $230.00 USD

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bullet50-minute Signature Massage Therapy
bullet30-minute Reflexology Therapy
bullet40-minute Indian Head Massage Therapy
bullet2 hours $175.00 USD

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Aromatherapy Massage
Stimulate your senses with unique blends of essential oils while your body is rhythmically massaged. This treatment will engage your lymphatic system to help rid your body of excess waste and toxins to rebalance your system and promote a feeling of relaxation and well-being. 50 minutes $85.00 USD

Back Massage
Feel the muscles relax and the tension dissipate as your back is massaged using Swedish techniques. Enjoy the pampering as each stroke removes the stress from your life and harmony is restored. 30 minutes $35.00 USD

Soothing Facial
Gentle facial products are used to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and massage  your face.  Whether you have sensitive or oily skin, our products will leave your skin feeling nourished and radiantly glowing. 50 minutes $55.00 USD

Spicy Swedish Massage
From tip to toe, this massage uses different strokes to relax and rejuvenate tired muscles tissues and aching joints. Enjoy the natural fragrances in the oil as your body reconnects to your mind. 40 minutes $55.00 USD

Chandra Massage
An invigorating massage that uses gentle rhythmic techniques on your head, neck, shoulders and back to stimulate your circulatory system and free your body and mind from stress.  40 minutes $45.00 USD
Foot Massage
Place your feet in our hands. Your feet bare the weight of your body and soul and deserve to be pampered. Feel the pressures of your life being lifted as your feet are massaged and revitalized with soothing techniques. 20 minutes $35.00 USD

Salt Loofah Body Buff
Gently exfoliate your skin to rid your body of dead cells and allow the underlying new skin to look more radiant.  This treatment involves a light rub on the body using oil, spices and salt.  Recommended before your skin is exposed to sunlight so that you develop a healthy glow in your tan. 25 minutes $25.00 USD
Relaxation Reflexology
The reflexes in the feet correspond to every part of the body. So the feet are stimulated by applying pressure to promote healing of specific body organs. 30 minutes $45.00 USD

Manicures 50 mins US $20.00 USD
Pedicures 1 hour US $25.00 USD
Nail varnishing Hands or Feet $10.00 USD
Nail varnishing for both Hands and Feet $15.00 USD

Please note that prices exclude 10% service charge and 15% value added tax. Prices are subject to change.

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