Cancer Survivor recounts her Experience at Coyaba

When we met British born Lamenda Kingdon, her story was one of many physical struggles and sadness, but also one of great strength. Born with deformed hips and having undergone countless surgeries, Ms. Kingdon really did not know what life had in store for her. Recently however, she was offered a trip to our beautiful island of Grenada; a trip she said that changed her life forever.

Cancer survivor Lamenda Kingdon recounts her experience at Coyaba Beach Resort

Cancer survivor Lamenda Kingdon as she gave us an account of her story

This cancer survivor and her companion John Cutts stayed at the Coyaba Beach Resort for one week and what a thrill it was to have them. As though they had both found a new outlook on life, these middle-aged vacationers did not allow anything to slow them down.

“Sunshine, warmth, colorful flowers and great friendship is exactly what the Coyaba offers,” said Mr. Cutts. He learned to snorkel with Eco Dive and Trek; our onsite dive shop, and described his snorkel trips as amazing. Ms. Kingdon on the other hand thought that she was certainly not the same person she was when she arrived in Grenada, claiming that she had now found the vibrancy and spice of life.

Coyaba Beach Resort

As though designed just for the two friends, she loved that everything was accessible at the Coyaba. There was nothing that could put even the slightest strain on her hips as the reception area, beach, restaurant, rooms and even tennis court are all at the same level. She boasted of how much she loved writing about her experiences at the Coyaba in her journal.

At that point, we simply handed Lamenda a blank sheet of paper to record her thoughts. On that sheet she wrote that Grenada had a magical tonic for everyone and described the Coyaba as follows.

“Coyaba provides sunshine and warmth to the marrow. Who can forget the color of the flowers, the lush vegetation and the warm friends we made with regard to the staff. The gastronomic delights we will never forget. I’m already planning when to come back.”

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