Coyaba Beach Resort Completes 1st Phase of Beautiful New Upgrades

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  You’re here!

You’ve had your welcome cocktail in the lobby and your luggage has already been taken to your room.  You get there, swipe your key and walk into that room that you always request but you’re stumped!  Something is different.

The regular closet doors have now been replaced with striking full-length mirrors.  On your right is the bathroom but even that has taken on a classy new look.  Featuring a sleek white vanity, a shower that enables you to walk right in and glossy silver fixtures, the bathroom really does look like something from a magazine.

Bowl Shaped Sink installed to Complement White Vanity

Bowl Shaped Sink installed to Complement White Vanity

The actual sleeping area has been totally transformed.  The large inviting bed is backed against a green accent wall with matching linen but this is not what blows you away.  Instead, it is the six beautiful flowers on the edge of a towel with the words ‘Welcome Back’ in the middle of your bed.  Upon a closer look, you can see that the words are shaped with the leaves of the colorful croton plant.  You remember it clearly from your last stay here while walking through Coyaba’s garden.


Welcome Back Message to our Repeat Guests

New Green Accent Wall, Matching Linen & Special Welcome Message

As you spin around you see that you now have a mounted flat screen television set and an elegant desk dresser.  Can you take any more of this you wonder?  Then you run to your patio doors.  Only one thing could make this even more perfect, and there it is; the two-mile stretch of white powdery sand and calm blue waters.  It is one of the most talked about beaches in the Caribbean;Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach.

Grand Anse Beach

Just then, someone calls out to you in true Grenadian style.  “Hello Ms. Catherine, welcome back.”  It is Sandra; from guest services who eased all of your concerns during your last visit.  After asking whether you’re enjoying your new room, she then informs you that you’re occupying one of the fourteen (14) newly upgraded ones.  How lucky are you?

Then you remember, whenever you’re at Coyaba, you feel like you are in heaven but most of all you feel like you are home. The Coyaba Beach Resort is one place that you will always return.