Coyaba Beach Resort (ANRIC Company Ltd) is a private limited company that was established on the 1st of August, 1987 by three brothers, André, Richard and Anthony and their mother; Joy Cherman.

When the hotel was first established in 1987, there were only thirty (30) guestrooms available. Then, two years later, in 1989, ten (10) more guestrooms were added to the establishment as well as a dining room, poolside area and several entertainment facilities.

In 1995, Coyaba underwent an extensive form of refurbishment. Another thirty (30) guestrooms were added along with the expansion and improvement of offices, restaurant and bar area, poolside area and all public facilities.
On the 7th of September 2004, Hurricane Ivan hit the small island of Grenada, leaving it, especially the Tourist Belt in the Grand Anse area, completely devastated. Coyaba was among the hotels severely damaged by the passage of the hurricane and so, was closed for the following year.

Coyaba History

The majority of the hotel was demolished and during the year of 2005, was re-designed, re-constructed and re-opened. Upon fully re-opening in February 2006, the “new” Coyaba Beach Resort consisted of eighty (80) guestrooms, expanded central facilities and dining areas.

Over time, general operational adjustments were made and in October 2017, the resort completed its renovations of all its bedrooms and bathrooms.

Now, after over three decades in operation, Coyaba continues to be spearheaded by the new generations of the Cherman family and while property improvements and changes will continue through the years, the deep-rooted family component and superior customer service remains constant.

We are extremely proud to have many of our guests share in our resort’s history; as their families continue to visit the property generation after generation.

“We are committed to giving an intimate, personalized experience, taking excellent care of you at all times.

We promise to walk the extra mile for your satisfaction – COYABA Style.”

Contact Us

For more information and to book directly:

Email: reservations@coyaba.com

Resort Direct Tel: 1 (473) 444-4612
Direct Reservations Tel: 1 (473) 444-2011

U.S. and Canada call Toll Free at:
1 (855) 626-9222 or (1 855 6 Coyaba)


Coyaba Beach Resort

P.O. Box 336, St. George, Grenada
West Indies

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